MULTIMEDIA: Music Video – “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

This video was created for educational purposes (J331).
Original music by Pharrell Williams

Thank you to all who participated either on screen or behind the scenes. The majority of the footage was shot in Eugene Oregon by Pam Cressall and E. Anne Norris. Additional footage shot in Logan Utah by Candis Sorenson and in Boise Idaho by DeAnn Hansen.

Happy People (in order of appearance): Amy Picard, Kate Barry, Barb Hilding, Linda Kanter, Jan Klimala, Roller Toaster, Harriet Merrick, Emily Minnis, Rita Monasterio, Pat Shirley, Dana Sipe, Rebecca Swing, Cathy Thomas, Lisa York, Kay Christopher, Sue Harnly, Alex Wectawski, Wes Fisher, Chelsea Lazarri, K.J. & K.S., Jon Schmidt, Mariah Hansen, Marian Smith, Sam Stephens, Rick Chase, Robbie Voorhees, Megan Moran, Joey Orsini, Nikkie Lattion, Samantha Jester, David S. Mason, Dinosaur “Jim Lincoln,” Craig Cressall, Aria Sorenson, Fred Griswold, Claire Maederer, Henry Henniger, Robbie Gifford, Andiel Brown, Dan Morrison, Ellie Lopez

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