MULTIMEDIA: 2013 Church of Sk8in Zombie Prom

(Published Sunday, Nov 3, 2013 at 6:50 PM, The Oregonian)

The only prom queens at this eerie prom were covered in blood and walked with a limp.

Church of Sk8in, the Emerald City Roller Girls home team, hosted its fifth-annual Zombie Prom fundraiser on Oct. 26. Over two-hundred people, dressed mostly in alien and zombie costumes, attended the event.

The prom raised nearly $1,200 for the roller derby team. The proceeds will go to cover various expenses, including team uniforms, guest trainers and travel costs.

Blairally Vintage Arcade in Eugene donated the space for the event.

“Blairally’s awesome,” said Ariel “Gemini” Solomon, an organizer of the event and member of the Church of Sk8in team. “They’re really excited to have us and we’re excited to be here.”

Mid-way through the evening, participants of “Thrill The World,” an event that happened earlier that day at the Eugene Community Conference Center, communed on the dance floor. In a repeat performance of the event, the group of zombies started a flash mob, dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’

“No one from The Church of Sk8in knew about the flash mob,” said Angie “StrangHER” Riley, an Emerald City Roller Girls league member. “We lucked out hosting our Zombie Prom on National Thriller Day. The dancers’ choreography was spot on.”

Dan Stephens, who dressed as a zombie pilot to the event, has been a dance instructor for “Thrill The World” for three years. When one of their ‘thrillers’ heard about the prom they decided to “crash that place.” Stephens says he loves doing it because it brings people together.

The Church of Sk8in is one of three home teams that compete against each other. For more information about the Emerald City Roller Girls visit their website at

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